Gun Law Seminar Septmber 10th (details below)

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Concealed Carry Class

About the Class

Lead instructor, Adam Arrington is an NRA Certified pistol instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer. He spent 6 years in the Marine Corps with STS Force Recon and has experience shooting many different weapons and platforms. With 7 years experience as an instructor, the class is designed to instill confidence while carrying your firearm.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality firearms training at the lowest price possible. This course is designed based on the NRA’s Basic Pistol Shooting course but it is not an NRA course. Our class fee is now only $90 with no hidden fees. It will cover everything that you need to complete the training and apply for the license. 

We suggest bringing the pistol you plan on carrying and about 100 rounds of ammo. If you do not have a pistol yet, we have one you can use with ammo at no extra charge. A notepad and pen is always a good choice. The range is outdoors so please dress accordingly.

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If you have any questions, fell free to give us a call or stop by the store. Click the link below for class Schedules or scroll down for other classes!

Other Classes

Private Marksmanship


Private lessons to improve your skills.  One hour increments completely on our private range. This time focuses on the fundamentals of pistol shooting and safety to help you improve your skills. Call to schedule your time.


Basic Firearms Safety


Great class for the beginner or as a refresher. Typically a one on one time for pure firearms safety. We will cover pistols, revolvers rifles and shot gun. Normal time runs about :45 to 1 hour. All classroom, no range time. Can be combined with a private marksmanship class. Call to schedule your time.


Concealed Carry Advanced


Coming soon!

A must attend follow up after you get your CCL. This class focuses on the dynamics of carrying a concealed handgun. Learn how to properly draw from concealed, target acquisition, proper mindset, and more! Combines classroom and range activities.